Earn more, work less.

Farmhand is an all-in-one virtual assistant built for farmers who want to sell to local customers.

Solutions co-created by farmers, for farmers.

Streamline admin tasks, convert casual shoppers into long-term buyers, and provide 5-star service to local customers.

Farmhand foundations

Customized website

Amplify your farm's story, capture leads, and streamline site updates with a simple text to your virtual assistant.

Email newsletter

Experience the power of a fully managed, custom-tailored newsletter that builds connection with customers and upsells for you.

CSA & high value products

Share purchase CSA

Strengthen up-front cash flow and invest in community building while streamlining fulfillment through a farmer's choice, buy down, or market style offering.

Weekly flexible CSA

Broaden your appeal to mainstream foodies and local-minded consumers through a flexible model centered around customization and convenience.

Event sales

Increase revenue by selling tickets to farm-to-table dinners, U-picks, farm tours, workshops, or any other agritourism offering.

Special promotions

Increase revenue by sending promotions for holiday specials, customer favorites, or limited time goods to your customers.


Weekly fresh lists

Send weekly product availability by SMS or email to your buyer lists, simply by texting your inventory to Farmhand.

Online ordering

Allow busy chefs, grocers, and caterers to directly buy from your store with an easy, modern checkout.

Higher profits, faster payment

Share payment processing costs with your buyers to increase margins and collect invoiced payments faster with automated follow-ups.

Invoicing & accounts receivable

Automatically invoice your customers, and have Farmhand handle follow-ups to ensure you are promptly paid.


Coming Soon!
Share fees with buyers

Increase margins by passing payment processing costs to your buyers.

Tailored for farms

Add farm products and pricing with 1-click from a library tailor made for farms, and automatically map purchases to customers and locations for easy bookkeeping.

Customer data capture

Prompt customers for emails and phone numbers after buying to build your customer list for future upsells.

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Romaine calm: our support team is available Monday - Friday, 5am — 7pm PT.

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