Mullein Torch Workshop and Sip In



Come have a drink, Learn all about these magical torches and make your own to take home. @ Heathen Brewing Feral Public House One torch and one beverage included with ticket About Mullein Torches Mullein serves as a candle in the dark to guide us through darkness and shadows. Energetically and spiritually, Mullein also lights up our inner world to help us illuminate and process grief and sadness, emotions that are often held in the lungs. Making a Torch gives you light in the darkness until spring. This unique farmer led project of making your own Mullein Torch will be a unique workshop for anyone. Trish, from Dilish Farm will guide and instruct you through the process of creating your own! This historic lighting piece adds a relaxing ambiance and burns bright even in rainy weather. This workshop allows you to share a drink with friends and create lasting memories. Igniting a mullein torch bears resemblance to the act of smudging, as it not only dissipates negative energy but also purifies the surrounding atmosphere. The Mullein Torch will gracefully burn at an approximate rate of 15 minutes per inch, ideally consumed in its entirety in one session. However, if necessary, you may extinguish it safely by dipping it in water and subsequently cut the stalk for multiple uses. FAQ Open House Style: Attend when you want! This ticket holds a guaranteed Mullein Stock for you any time from 3pm to 5 pm What will the workshop be like? 1.Put a layer of bees wax on your mullein stock. While it sets you can grab a drink at the bar. 2. Next, layer to seal the mullein and then you can add any colors, flowers or herbs. 3.While your stalk seals for the final time, hangout in the bar or in the event room while we “talk shop” about the torches. 4. When your stock is done curing, you may take it home. 5.FINAL CURING: The stick must cure at home for 24 hours and must be used following burning instructions (included) 6. Allow for approximately one hour product making time on site. Will This Event Be Indoors? We will be indoors so no worrying about cold weather or rain. So hangout, be social and make something unique. What Supplies Are Utilized? 1 Dry Mullein stock with stem Approx 8" Bees wax for candle and use of supplies needed to complete the project. Is This Event Safe for Children? The wax is hot and will need to be handled by an adult, but kids are welcome and can be helpful. Children will need to be 12 and older to participate, and must be with an adult at all times. *Please email for further child related questions.

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